An Interview with the Director of ‘Girl Rising’

This week at Sundance, the world was introduced to Girl Risingthe incredible story of 9 girls from 9 countries, as told by nine authors.  Director Richard E. Robbins shares the journey making this unique film.  He tells about the girls, such as Sokha from Cambodia, an orphaned girl he found living in a garbage dump who wanted nothing more than to go to school and 13 year old Azmera in Ethiopia who had the courage to say no when she was told to marry.

An incredible aspect of this film is the woman authors from each country who tell the stories.  Richard E. Robbins shares why he made this choice-

“It became clear that the girls would need help telling their stories. These girls are almost, by definition, voiceless in the world, they don’t have the education and wherewithal and cultural standing in their own communities to feel entitled to tell their stories, or to believe their own individual story is meaningful.”

Read the full interview, including more about the girls here.

Find out how you can be a part of the Girl Rising movement here.

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