Working with men to improve the lives of women: Channels of Hope funding opportunity

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©2010 Lucia Rodrigues/World Vision

©2010 Lucia Rodrigues/World Vision

At a screening of Half the Sky  in the Seattle area, a women raised her hand and asked the question so often on people’s minds- “What about the men?”

Women can be given resources and opportunities, but without their husbands and fathers believing that they should have basic rights- such as access to health, education and the right to freedom, these opportunities are nothing.

 Strong Women, Strong World is working to transform communities through the Channels of Hope for Gender. Channels of Hope is one of World Vision’s most effective programs to address the core issues of gender equity and gender-based violence. Partnering with the local church and working with spouses as a couple, Channels of Hope for Gender is more than a class or education- it is a life changing response.

The Imago Dei Fund has given you the opportunity to double your donation when you give to Strong Women, Strong World for Channels of Hope for Gender.

For example, your gift of:

  • $50 will provide mentoring and follow up for one pastor and their congregation.
  • $300 will be matched to train 10 church leaders on gender sensitization.
  • $500 gift will be doubled to provide a conference for families.

You have an opportunity to join with the Imago Dei Fund and literally change the lives for women and their families. Won’t you give that one last gift this season to bring new hope for families in 2013? Give today!

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