Are we feminist?

Recently, I was asked if I would consider the work of Strong Women, Strong World “feminist” work. This question initially puzzled me. I am someone who identifies beliefs as a feminist, but after being asked this question, I started to think about how the work organizations do towards gender equality is very much “feminist” work. As I have written in my previous posts, the term feminist, by definition, means working towards gender equality between men and women.

Unfortunately, I have found that the term comes with many stereotypical and false connotations, so often both men and women differ from identifying as feminist. I have furthermore noticed that many people consider “feminist work” to be something state side. I strongly feel that “feminist” work should not only be seen as work towards women’s rights in the United States but as the work done around the globe. As people who believe in the empowerment of women we should take this focus worldwide and across borders. Feminist work should work across borders because far too often women in the developing world are subjected to oppression as a result of their gender.

Strong Women Strong World knows the magnitude of the issues facing women across the world and works to create opportunities to empower women who are oppressed. I find it encouraging that in recent years, women’s rights and empowering women globally have become a part of the agendas of many NGOs. Organizations such as World Vision have been working to spread the ideas of feminism thinking on a global scale, working to secure the rights of women worldwide. I find these initiatives to be positive strides towards achieving equality as it can be seen as one of the biggest issues in our world today. These initiatives have also caused media stir and it is now widely known that the injustices towards women are human rights issues that should deem the same amount of attention as any other moral standards as humans. If I were asked now if I consider Strong Women, Strong World “feminist” work, I would proudly explain that this initiative is actively aware of the importance of gender equality and the rights of women worldwide.

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  1. Jessica Fick says:

    I learned about this initiative at MOPS MOMcon this fall- I am thrilled to have a specific way that moms can help other women and moms across the globe! Thanks for all your hard work to make this world a better place!

  2. Strong Women, Strong World says:

    Thanks Jessica! We’re so glad you’ve connected with us! You can find out more about the World Vision/MOPS partnership at Blessings, Mary

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