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Partnering to Combat Gender-Based Violence

The police force in the Solomon Islands is integrating Channels of Hope-Gender into its training materials, and partnering with World Vision and local churches to combat gender-based violence. The high prevalence of gender-based violence is a growing concern in the Solomon Islands, with about 64 percent of women ages 15…

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Restoring marriages in the Solomon Islands

Channels of Hope is one of World Vision’s most effective approaches to partnering with local churches and faith-based organizations to change deeply held cultural beliefs, such as those about gender roles. This biblically based program promotes gender equality through understanding and applying Scripture responsibly to address underlying beliefs about the…

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Gender Inequality-Not Just a Women’s Issue

Gender-based issues are often stereotyped into being a dilemma that should only be addressed by women. As I have written in previous posts, gender inequality is not just a women’s issue but something everyone should be focused on. Even though women are generally more effected by the patterns of gender…

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Rwanda 20 years: Why I was afraid

Seven years ago, World Vision’s Kari Costanza visited Rwanda for the first time. She was able to replace her fear about the trip because of stories like Zaphran’s. World Vision’s early work in Rwanda immediately following the genocide focused on peace-building, livelihood training, water and sanitation, agriculture, education, and health…

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20th Anniversary of the Rwanda Genocide

This weekend marked the 20th anniversary of the start of the Rwandan Genocide. This genocide was one of the most brutal infliction of human rights in our history. It began after Hutu extremists within Rwanda’s political elite blamed the entire Tutsi minority population for the country’s social, economic and political…

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Recovery in the Congo

Angelani Idolwa Collette (left) is a former victim of sexual violence. Together with her daughter, she was held hostage by a rebel group for six months. She has recovered from the trauma and now counsels other survivors. Today, she says, “I enjoy my life and what I do.”

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VIDEO: Female Genital Mutilation explained via cupcakes

Check out this creative way to explain a very disturbing issue that has affected at least 130 million women around the world. Warning: this film contains discussion of female genital mutilation (FGM).

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Current humanitarian crises and World Vision’s response

Ongoing conflict and increasingly frequent natural disasters worldwide affect millions of children and families. World Vision disaster relief experts identify humanitarian emergencies happening right now.

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Honor-Based Violence

Honor-based violence (also known as gender-based violence) ranks as one of the highest human rights issues facing our world today and violence towards women is a universal and widespread issue. In my opinion, one of the most unjustifiable yet complicated forms of violence towards women are honor violences or “honor…

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Photos of Sierra Leone community health workers

In October 2012, World Vision launched the Sierra Leone Health Access Improvement (AIM High) project in the Pejeh and Sowa chiefdoms of Pujehun district. To increase healthcare coverage in Pejeh-Sowa, the project will train community health workers in every village—one for every 20 households. They will go out into their…

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