Can There Be Peace When There is Violence Against Women?



Strong Women, Strong World has seen the effects of conflict on women in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the rates of gender based violence are some of the highest in the world.  Journalist, Leigh Cuen writes about women in places of war and the myth that conflict, women and sexual based violence are somehow disconnected.

One such study, conducted over 50 years, found that political gender equality had a direct impact on a state’s foreign policy, in terms of escalating violence during an international crisis, and in terms of the likelihood that such violence would erupt in the first place. The study revealed similar connections for both interstate an intrastate conflict. Women leaders also proved more likely than their male counterparts to compromise with opposing sides in a time of war.

Their research also reveal that levels of domestic violence generally correlate with escalating political instability and guerrilla war. Simply put, violence against women perpetuates itself in the society as a whole. The best predictor of a state’s stability is how its women are treated.

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