Capitol Hill Turns its Attention to Child Survival

“World Vision’s efforts to target malnutrition focused on three main areas: utilizing household and community-level leaders, including religious organizations, to educate women and families; empowering healthcare workers to respond to undernutrition, and using simple interventions, timed visits, and targeted messaging to fight malnutrition at every stage. In Ethiopia, where 47 percent of children under five are stunted due to malnutrition, World Vision has used these interventions to create a massive reduction in wasting and underweight children.”

-Martha Newsome, Global Director of Health, Nutrition, and Water and Sanitation Health (WASH) at World Vision International

This past Monday, global health and development organizations took to Capitol Hill to speak about maternal and child health and how to increase survival rates.  Investment in Foreign Assistance and simple low-cost interventions are helping to reduce maternal and child mortality.  Strong Women, Strong World believes that education and skilled birth attendants can greatly help to reduce deaths.

Read the full report from Capitol Hill here.

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