Advocacy through fashion

Christi Sandvik is the founder of kris&kate, a “trendy online fashion site where shopping and giving go hand in hand.” Over the past thirty years, Christi has worked in fashion, retail and design—her true passion. But that’s not all. Through kris&kate and a partnership with World Vision, Christi provides women with the opportunity…

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Sex Trafficking: A Problem Across Borders

An FBI raid rescued 105 sex-trafficked children and arrested 150 pimps in 76 American cities earlier this week. The majority of these trafficked victims were young girls, ranging in ages from 13 to 17. The pimps, lured American children in with similar methods used by traffickers in the developing world….

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Female Genital Mutilation: Can This Horror End?

Three million girls each year undergo female genital mutilation, the partial or total removal of their external genitalia. More than 125 million women and girls living in Africa and the Middle East have endured the procedure, with 30 million girls at risk over the next decade. The ritual is just…

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Do we need feminists?

Below is a passage from an article originally published in The Atlantic,  How to Get More Women (and Men) to Call Themselves Feminists.  Feminism is a word that often has negative connotations  few being willing to identify as such.  However, feminism could be the key to lifting women and girls out…

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The hidden page in the Trafficking in Persons report

This past week the United States released the Trafficking in Persons report, a diplomatic tool ranking countries worldwide on what they are doing to prevent human trafficking and a way to engage them in a discussion about ways to reduce this crime. Jesses Eaves, Senior Policy Adviser for Child Protection…

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Nothing Happens

“Without policy change and grassroots change, nothing happens.” Holly Gordon, Executive Director, 10X10: Educate Girls, Change the World World Day Against Child Labor 2013 Today we welcome a guest post by Jessica Bousquette, Advocacy Associate in Child Protection for World Vision US Together we’ve seen change in the last year. On…

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World Day Against Child Labor: A Global Vision for a World Free of Exploitation

Today we welcome a guest post from Jessica Bousquette, Advocacy Associate in Child Protection for World Vision US and Gloria Das, Documentation & Publication Officer, WV Bangladesh Today is World Day Against Child Labor. Child labor is any work done by children that is hazardous, prevents them from attending school, or is…

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Girl Advocate

                          Below is a letter from 10-year-old Maliya Nkungula, a grade five pupil in Chingale Area Development Programme, in Zomba district, southern part of Malawi. Maliya writes to Obama and other leaders of G8 and in her letter, she…

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Does Hunger Affect Girls More Than Boys?

Girls often eat last and least. In the first 1,000 days, from conception to beyond, nutrition affects growth, disease resistance, brain activity, success in school and future generations.  Girls tend to be fed less and be undernourished, but proper nutrition for all children is essential and greater food security often…

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Capitol Hill Turns its Attention to Child Survival

“World Vision’s efforts to target malnutrition focused on three main areas: utilizing household and community-level leaders, including religious organizations, to educate women and families; empowering healthcare workers to respond to undernutrition, and using simple interventions, timed visits, and targeted messaging to fight malnutrition at every stage. In Ethiopia, where 47…

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