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To Boston. From Kabul. With Love.

Last week we posted a response to the Boston Marathon bombings.  Accompanying the post was a photo of two Afghan women holding a sign that read ‘To Boston From Kabul with Love.’  The photo is a part of a series as is the photo above.  These pictures are beautiful, but inevitability draw questions…

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Heroism & Kindness, Generosity & Love

“What the world saw yesterday in the aftermath of the explosions were stories of heroism and kindness, and generosity and love:  Exhausted runners who kept running to the nearest hospital to give blood, and those who stayed to tend to the wounded, some tearing off their own clothes to make…

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Tell the United Nations Your Vision for a Better World

The UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been a catalyst for progress around the world in the fight against poverty.  The MDGs are the most successful global anti-poverty push in history. Governments, international organizations and civil society groups around the world have helped to cut in half the world’s extreme poverty rate….

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White House Forum to Combat Human Trafficking

Wednesday, April 10th, the White House held its first Forum to Combat Trafficking.  The forum addressed new technologies to combat human trafficking, what is being done to protect victims and how the United States is working with other countries to enforce anti-human trafficking laws. What can you do to fight human trafficking?…

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The Secret World of Child Brides

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