Changing the World One Doll At A Time: Meet Shola

Shola. Photo: Hearts For Hearts Girls

Photo: Hearts For Hearts Girls

Many women have seen the ground-breaking film “Girl Rising” and having their hearts broken for the trials and perseverence required which girls around the world face every day. Are you wondering how to share this message with the young girls in your life? Hearts For Hearts Girls is a line a multicultural dolls representing girls in underserved regions of the world. Each doll has her own story that includes ideas about how to make life better for herself and her family, community, and country. Also, every doll comes with a donation to World Vision, which goes to helping girls in those same countries.

Latest in their lineup is Shola, from Kabul, Afghanistan. An orphan living in a war-torn country, Shola and her sister once were hungry and desperate. Now they are attending school and have hope for their future. Khaled Hosseini, famous Afghani-American author of The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and And The Mountains Echoed was presented with a Shola doll at a recent book signing. “My daughter will love this,” was his response.

Hearts For Hearts Girls states: “We invite all girls to become agents of change—to improve the lives of girls in their communities, across their country, and around the world.”

What a great way to support the work of World Vision and Strong Women, Strong World in these countries! Dolls are available at Target, and Toys R Us. Use a doll to educate your daughter, granddaughter, or young girl in your life on a level she can interpret!

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  1. Celdeeb says:

    I am stoked about these dolls! My children and I live in an area that is not diverse and they feel “different” when conversing about their own lifestyle to their peers. I was so thrilled to find Shola at a local store. Thank you for encouraging exposure to other cultures to these young women!

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