Current humanitarian crises and World Vision’s response

Photo: © 2012 Antonio Matimbe/World Vision

Photo: © 2012 Antonio Matimbe/World Vision

Ongoing conflict and increasingly frequent natural disasters worldwide affect millions of children and families. World Vision disaster relief experts identify humanitarian emergencies happening right now.

Syrian refugee crisis
Syria’s civil war heads into its fourth year, and the humanitarian situation grows more desperate.

About 2.5 million people have fled as refugees to neighboring countries, placing unprecedented strain on host communities. Another 6.5 million people still in Syria need immediate humanitarian aid.

On February 22, the United Nations Security Council approved a resolution to improve access to aid inside Syria.

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Typhoon recovery in the Philippines
More than 14 million people are still dealing with the catastrophic effects of Typhoon Haiyan, one of the strongest storms on record to make landfall.

Families in hardest-hit areas have struggled for months to find enough clean water and food to get by. Millions rely on humanitarian aid as they try to rebuild their homes, livelihoods, and communities.

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South Sudan conflict
Thousands have died and nearly 900,000 people have been displaced since fighting erupted December 15 in the world’s youngest nation.

Clashes between South Sudan’s army and fighters loyal to the former vice president broke a cease-fire signed in January and hinder aid agencies’ efforts to bring food and basic supplies to families in need.

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Conflict in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Decades of armed conflict have displaced 2.9 million people. About 6.7 million need assistance now.

Unrest in the Central African Republic has forced about 60,000 refugees into the northwestern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Violence in Katanga province, to the southeast, displaced about 409,000 people in recent months.

In the east, dozens of rebel groups fight for control over mineral-rich land or political clout. The surrender in November of the M23 rebel group, near the country’s borders with Rwanda and Uganda, triggered a military campaign to quell further violence in the region.

DRC ranks last out of 186 countries on the Human Development Index.

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Turmoil and food insecurity in Mali
More than 3 million Malians may run out of food in the coming months as a result of below-average harvests and the lingering effects of conflict.

About 800,000 people need food assistance, according to World Vision and other agencies that are helping communities deal with lack of food supplies.

This represents a larger struggle throughout West Africa, where conflict, the third drought in a decade, and political instability hinder millions of families’ ability to get back on their feet.

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How you can help

  • – Pray for children and families suffering from humanitarian crises. Pray for effective interventions that will save lives, and pray for long-term solutions to address hunger, poverty, and disease in these struggling countries.
  • Make a one-time donation to help provide life-saving food and care. You can help provide life-saving food, agricultural support, livestock, clean water, medicines, and other essential care to hungry children and families around the world.

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