A child born to a mother who can read is 50 percent more likely to survive.  Countries that raise the literacy rate by 20-30 percent have seen increases in the GDP of 8-16 percent and for every 1 percent increase in women’s education, 0.3 percent economic growth is seen.  If all women in sub-saharan Africa received a secondary education, 1.8 million lives could be saved each year.  World Vision and Strong Women, Strong World is partnering with USAID and AUSAID for literacy and to show the importance of All Children Reading.

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  1. […] Malala’s inspirational message reminds us of the value in educating girls and raising awareness about the importance of girl’s eduction. She explains how, “Education is the only solution. Education first.” A report by UNESCO and Save the Children issued just before Malala’s speech said 57 million children were out of school in 2011 down from 60 million in 2008. However, it said the number living in conflict zones rose to 28.5 million in 2011 and more than half were girls. Denying girls education is a humans rights issue and educating women and girls would have substantial positive effects on children, economies and communities worldwide. Strong Women, Strong World will continue to work hard to ensure every girl gets the chance to be educated. […]

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