Freeset shirts for Strong Women, Strong World

In 1999, Kerry and Annie Hilton moved their family from New Zealand to India.  They chose an apartment and signed the lease during the day, only to find out that come night, they were living in one of the largest Red Light districts in the country.  Estimates indicate that more than 10,000 women sell their bodies daily in this area of only a few square miles.  Some of these women had been trafficked from neighboring countries and others simply felt that they had no other choice if they wanted their family to survive the extreme poverty that they felt trapped under.

Kerry and Annie felt that if these women were given other opportunities, they could escape the sex trade, and Freeset was born.  Freeset is a company that employs women out of the sex trade.  These women are paid fare wages, work fair hours and are provided training, childcare and retirement.  In the Freeset factory, the women make bags and tee shirts out of upcycled and fair trade materials.

Strong Women, Strong World  is proud to use Freeset for our new line of shirts.  At this time, shirts are only available through Women of Vision chapters.  Contact us to see if there is a chapter near you.  We look forward to offering them to the general public soon!


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