Gender Inequality-Not Just a Women’s Issue

Gender-based issues are often stereotyped into being a dilemma that should only be addressed by women. As I have written in previous posts, gender inequality is not just a women’s issue but something everyone should be focused on. Even though women are generally more effected by the patterns of gender inequality, men should also be concerned with these problems. To help gender equality progress, women and men need to partner together because men also have a role in promoting change. The World Health Organization states that, “women and men need to work together for greater gender equality and not merely blame each other for the inequalities and inequities. This means that men’s awareness needs to be raised concerning the causes and result of their attitudes and actions on the pope in their lives for the benefit of all.” Gender-based problems should not be turned into a blame game as men and women need to work together to make a change.

In order to reach equality in societies, men also need to participate in the discussion and action. In Mozambique, there is a network of organizations called the Men for Change Network which is addressing issues of masculinity, gender equality, health and human rights. Since 2009, this group has been organizing demonstrations against negative masculinities in order to try and bring upon progress. The Men for Change Network is an excellent example of men working to get involved in these imperative issues. Join Strong Women, Strong World and spread the messages of tolerance to not only women but men as well!

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