Girls Who Happen to be Refugees

Photo courtesy of Dale Hanson Bourke

Photo courtesy of Dale Hanson Bourke

Author Dale Hanson Bourke recently visited World Vision’s education programs for Syrian refugee children in Jordan. As we mark World Refugee Day tomorrow, we invite you to join us in celebrating refugees’ courage in overcoming adversity.

It’s not easy to be a girl in many places of the world. And a refugee camp with more than 100,000 people could be a very dangerous place. But these girls are walking out of a program where they sang, danced, laughed, learned, acted, and seemed to have a wonderful time doing it all.

Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan is not a perfect place, but within its walls are places like the Questscope Informal Education and Mentoring program where children are thriving. They are learning to think with confidence and independence. They are supporting one another and finding new outlets for creativity. They are making the best of a difficult situation. Said one girl, “We are still growing and learning even though we aren’t in our home.”

I came to Jordan imagining a visit to a refugee camp would be depressing. And while no one wants to be a refugee, I celebrate organizations like Questscope that are finding ways to help the children who happen to be refugees find meaning beyond that identity. These kids may be stuck physically but their spirits are soaring. It’s remarkable to see how they define themselves and talk about their dreams for the future. These girls just happen to live for now in a refugee camp. But they are so much more than refugees.

This story originally appeared at Dale Hanson Bourke’s blog.

More than 100,000 people have been killed in Syria, thousands of them are children. Millions more have been displaced. Your gift today will help World Vision continue the urgent relief efforts for Syrian refugees.

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