Hidden No Longer

In many countries, a women’s self-esteem and status is directly connected to her ability to have children.  When a women experiences obstetric fistula, not only does she lose her child, she often loses her status, husband and place in the community.  Strong Women, Strong World  has partnered with the UNFPA Campaign the End Fistula to help raise awareness and end this preventable condition.  It is hard to imagine what it would be like to be a woman in this place.  UNFPA has shared Hidden No Longer, a video that highlights the challenges of living with fistula through the stories of survivors from various African countries.

[brightcove vid=1783599218001&exp3=34626169001&surl=,AAAAB_wnFdk~,fEfio7pNhix_a6i71-ss4pgGfDPDK7Da&w=300&h=225]

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