How and why women should invest in women and girls

“The power and influence of women donors is clear, but will we use this power to significantly accelerate positive change for women and girls globally?”

The Stanford Social Innovation Review recently posed this question in Jacki Zehner’s excellent article “Transformative Wealth from Women, for Women.” In the article she offers an invitation, supported by compelling data, stories of impact, and a how-to-guide.

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  1. Even if you don’t have the dollars to invest in women you can still support them by reading, watching and voicing for us. As a playwright and female I can tell you that most productions are from male playwrights and some producers have the gall to say, that’s what sent to them. Theatre, as well as Hollywood has too long been a male’s domain mostly. We are talented, just as talented and even though we make up to 70% of the movie and theatre paying crowd, we still get ignored. Our stories are fascinating and we have proven time and time that we are the stronger sex. So why does this still remain a ‘boy’s club’ mostly?

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