India: Channels of Hope for those with HIV

Photo: World Vision

Photo: World Vision

Pastor Rajinesh Jacob was the pastor of an Assemblies of God church in India. He was invited to take part in World Vision’s Channels of Hope workshop. After the three days of the workshop, a strong interest grew in him to learn more about HIV and AIDS and people living with it. He was taken to visit people infected with and affected by HIV.

“I was shaken by the fact that I and the church had totally ignored the call of God to serve communities such as this. I became restless and troubled,” the pastor said.

Before this, Pastor Rajinesh viewed people living with HIV and AIDS as living under God’s curse. “I had always believed that they are suffering because of their adultery and sinful life, and to minister to a sex worker was one of the most undesirable things,” he explains.

After coming back from the CoH workshop, Pastor Rajinesh immediately began to respond to the need of the community he once thought was cursed by God, giving birth to a whole new ministry. He started working with his church and partnering with World Vision to care for people in Bhojpura, a village of
Rajnut community, which traditionally has a number of sex workers.

His church now helps people with school tuition, recreational activities, health, hygiene, and counseling.

Learn more about World Vision’s Channels of Hope program.

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