India’s Daughters

India is the tenth largest economy in the world.  It is ranked above Canada, and just below Italy and the United Kingdom.  These are not countries that conjure thoughts of suffering, poverty or injustice, however India is the exception.  Recent events have brought to light the great injustice in the country that is often manifested through the suffering of women.   In India a disproportionate number of women suffer from sexual violence and dowry deaths.  Sometimes, just being born a girl is enough to warrant punishment.

Strong Women, Strong World recognizes that this is an injustice that must be addressed.  As events happen around the world, it becomes increasingly apparent the difference programs can make. In the past months,  Strong Women, Strong World has been ascertaining projects in India that would help serve women through justice and protection.  India will be the next Strong Women, Strong World project and we hope you join us in fighting injustice for women in India as well as countries all over the world.

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