Kenya: Spark a Child’s Digital Future

Many children in Africa have never seen or used a computer before. They are eager to learn, but they don’t have access to technology. A computer means new possibilities – and a tangible way to overcome poverty. Receiving a digital education will give children the opportunity for better jobs, a brighter future, and ultimately, a thriving community.

World Vision US is embarking on an important new global program called “Spark a Child’s Digital Future”, designed to provide technology access and 21st century opportunities to youth in the developing world.

SCDF is a partnership between World Vision, British Council, Microsoft, and Intel. This project will initially start with up to 50 schools in WVUS ADPs in Kenya, with plans to expand to additional countries in East Africa. Funds are committed to launch the program in 6 schools in Matete ADP in this summer.

The purpose of this education technology initiative is to improve child wellbeing and learning through access to high quality basic education and non-formal education for students, teachers, and community members. Three specific purposes are to:

  1. Enhance innovative teaching capacity and student learning outcomes in the classroom through Information/Communications Technology (ICT).
  2. Strengthen the capacity of school leaders and managers for innovation in their schools and
  3. Build parental, community and national participation to support children’s learning, especially in literacy, numeracy, global citizenship and 21st century life skills.

Your gifts helped make this possible and your sponsored children in Kenya may be benefitting!

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