Meet a Safe Motherhood Ambassador

Photo courtesy of Healing Hands of Joy

Photo courtesy of Healing Hands of Joy

Meet Birhan Gabrihat. Birhan is a 46 year old, divorced Safe Motherhood Ambassador (SMA) in Ethiopia. She graduated with Healing Hands of Joy’s fifth class.

She has four children, the three youngest live with her. Birhan suffered from fistula with the birth of her last child, 5 years ago, and was cured through surgery 9 months later.

Birhan is entirely dedicated to her work as an SMA. Not only has she been responsible for 75 safe deliveries in her community, she is seen in her community as “the” person to go to when there are pregnant women in the community. She has been working in close cooperation with the local health extension worker to call ambulances for all women in labor. As such, she has prevented many possible cases of fistula.

We are delighted to work with Healing Hands of Joy in Ethiopia!

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