National Call-In Day: Water for the World

Photo: World Vision

Photo: World Vision

Each day, nearly 1600 children die from causes related to unsafe water.

On February 11, Strong Women, Strong World will be a part of a National Call-in day for the Water for the World Act. Every time you call your senator or representative, someone in their office has to write it down. As few as ten calls on an issue in one day is enough to have your member of Congress take notice of an issue. We want Congress to notice the Water for the World Act.

Step 1: Go to and type in your address.
Step 2: Write down the phone number of your 2 Senators & 1 State Representative.
Step 3: Call 1, 2, or all 3 of the offices. The staffer will record your name and address.
Step 4: Say something like “As there are an estimated 768 million people who lack access to safe water, and 2.5 billion people who don’t have adequate sanitation, I would like to ask (insert the name of Senator or Representative) to co-sponsor the “Water for the World Act” (HR-2901) and to support the passing of the act.”

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