New Strong Women, Strong World report available

Photo: ©2014 Annila Harris/World Vision

Photo: ©2014 Annila Harris/World Vision

Read the Strong Women, Strong World 2013 annual report and learn how 1.5 million people have benefited from access to clean water, economic development assistance, primary healthcare, and child protection advocacy and services.

Thanks to the generous giving of World Vision donors, more women and girls in impoverished communities are enjoying improved health and access to clean water, better economic and educational opportunities, and safety and respect. This report summarizes accomplishments through September 2013 by the Strong Women, Strong World initiative across four sectors in 14 countries. World Vision has provided clean drinking water access to a half-million people, child protection advocacy and services to nearly 1 million people, financial services to more than 4,100 women, and educational scholarships to 899 girls. We also supported training of midwives and community health workers who are serving thousands in rural areas. Please know that you are making a world of difference and replacing suffering with hope.

Read the Strong Women, Strong World 2013 annual report.

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