Child Protection and Education

Child protection is what World Vision does to keep children safe from trafficking and abuse, and how we respond when children are harmed. We focus on those in poor communities, on the margins of society, without adequate safeguards: girls coerced into prostitution; girls forced into early marriage or female genital mutilation; or young victims of violence. Using a comprehensive approach, we equip communities to keep children from falling into crisis, and provide critical services and restorative care to those who tragically suffer abuse.

THE NEED | In many developing countries, poverty and traditional cultural practices combine to create a dangerous environment for girls. Pressured to provide male heirs, some mothers are abused or forced to terminate their pregnancies if it’s learned they will give birth to a girl. Compelled to seek work to support their families, millions of girls are coerced and deceived—some forced to be little more than domestic slaves, others trafficked into prostitution. Many girls living in poverty face the sole option of early marriage, some at ages as young as 7. Every year, an estimated 10 million girls become teenage brides, hindering their chances of attending school and exposing them to an increased risk of sexual and domestic violence.

EXPECTED OUTCOMES | By educating communities about women’s and girl’s rights, helping to support the implementation of domestic and international laws, and providing the support girls need to attend school and overcome poverty, we can reduce incidences of terminated pregnancies, child marriage, domestic violence, and human trafficking. These efforts will not only change the lives of today’s girls, but also set a brighter stage for tomorrow’s generation.