Savita’s story: saved by the voices around her

Savita* is a girl living in India.  When she was young, her mother had a debt of $50 and Savita was put up as collateral. She spent up to 18 hours a day rolling beedis- small cigarettes, and  she was not in school.  Every time she asked for a break, used the bathroom or was given food, her debt was added to, making it impossible to work it off.

One day, some children came and asked what she was doing.  They started to make noise until the man enslaving her came out.  They told the man that what he was doing was wrong and illegal, but he chased them away.  The children were not deterred.  They went to their mothers and told Savita’s story.  As a community they confronted the man and used their voices to free Savita.

One voice is never too small to make a difference.

*The name has been changed

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