Show the World ‘Girl Rising’

Strong Women, Strong World and Women of Vision have partnered with 10 x 10 to promote education for girls.  Now you can be part of the movement by hosting a screening of Girl Rising in your city.

Gathr and 10 x 10 have teamed up to make hosting a screening easy.  Gathr will find a theater in your area and host a place on-line for you to sell tickets.  10 x 10 has provided resources to help promote your screening.

Raising Awareness of girls and education has never been easier.  Girl Rising

  1. Register on Gathr so you can request a screening 
  2. Confirm your registration on email
  3. Under films look for Girl Rising and click ‘Gathr a screening.’
  4. Select a date between March 7th and March 14th to help celebrate International Women’s Day
  5. Fill in the information about preferred theaters
  6. You will receive an email when your screening is scheduled.
  7. Promote the film in your community.  When you have enough ticket sales, your screening is confirmed!

Thank you for joining Strong Women, Strong World in raising awareness about girls and education.

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