Snapshot of Strong Women, Strong World

Did you know that World Vision’s Strong Women, Strong World initiative was part of a larger World Vision effort? The For Every Child (FEC) Campaign was launched in 2010 as an aggressive, faith-stretching five-year plan to create sustainable change in some of the most challenged communities in the world. The campaign set a bold goal: to save the lives of 10 million children over five years and 100 million children over a generation.

We love the emphasis of the SWSW projects which support sustainable change in some of the most difficult places in the world to be a girl or a woman. And we’re proud to be part of this larger World Vision effort.

In April the FEC team held a series of meetings to communicate benchmarks and status updates. As part of those meetings, SWSW progress was highlighted and presented. Here is a the snapshot which was presented and we’re happy to share with you today.

FEC: SWSW snapshot

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