Strong Girl, Strong World

Girls in Afghanistan. Photo: © 2012 Paul Bettings/World Vision

Girls in Afghanistan.
Photo: © 2012 Paul Bettings/World Vision

These girls in Afghanistan face some of the worst conditions in the world. Less than one in two Afghan girls enrolls in primary school and each year. And they are not alone.

67% of all the illiterate people in the world are women and girls. They are denied access to education because of early marriage, cultural practices, gathering water, working to support the family and in some cases due to gender based violence.

And yet, when a girl is educated she has the ability to transform not only her family and her community but it is now documented that educating 10% more girls in a developing nation can increase their gross national product by 3%.

Strong Women, Strong World provides classrooms, teachers, equipment and other tools so that girls can empower their lives through education, maybe something we take for granted here. Give a gift today and bring hope and well-being to vulnerable women and girls.

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