Strong Mothers: A Story from Turkey



Last Friday, as I checked my Facebook feed in the morning, I saw the above photo being shared and liked on multiple pages.  Amazing.

Of course, the practical part of me asked, ‘is this real?’ and ‘where did it come from?’  It turns out that this is very real and the photo is a screenshot from live video that was taken.

Protests in Turkey began June 1st.  Different sources tell different versions of the story, but what began as a protest against the the government deciding earlier this month to approve a project that would transform Taksim Square, a coveted park,  into a shopping center, has escalated into a larger protest against,  “the utter lack of public input into how Turkey’s cities are taking shape.” 

On June 13th, the Turkish Prime Minister gave a “final warning,” made comments that his “patience was running out” and appealed to parents to, “please take your children in hand and bring them out.”

Hearing the Prime Minister’s pleas, mother’s came out to Takism square.  However, instead of taking their children, they protected their children by forming a human chain between the protesters and police; over 100 mothers are reported to have come out.  You can see the video here.

Late into the night, Prime Minister Erdogan called off the plans to destroy the park. 



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