Syria: An Open Letter and Our Response

It is September, one of my favorite times of year, with all the best things that back-to-school brings; great memories of summer fun, more structure for moms as kiddos head to school, new Bible studies, Women of Vision kick-off events, a great time to travel, and some of the best weather of the year! There are so many things I’d rather write about right now, but my heart is broken. I feel deep sadness for the situation in Syria and for this time of uncertainty in the world. I think of, pray, and cry for the innocent ones, especially mothers, who simply wish to feed their children and send them off safely to school just like we do. I wonder about the decisions being made by world leaders. I have even wondered how to pray, have you?

Last week we received an open letter from a World Vision colleague, Connie Lenneberg, our Regional Leader in the Middle East working on the Syrian crisis. She is a wonderfully Strong Woman! Connie has written to world leaders attending the G20 meetings in Russia. Her letter was what I needed – a way to focus and pray. We’ve had enough of conflict. I’m thankful for Connie and her courage to use her position and her voice to advocate. Read the letter and then, if you are willing, we’d love to hear from you too, so leave a comment here. I am sure Connie would take comfort in knowing there are other Strong Women praying and supporting her. We will share your feedback, prayers and encouragement with World Vision staff.

I love our Strong Women, Strong World and Women of Vision sisterhood!

Praying Psalm 27,
Cindy Breilh

National Director, Women of Vision

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    Thank you Connie, for sharing our hearts with leaders at the G20 meetings. It is overwhelming just to see the suffering…how much more so for those who live it. So we pray. And we advocate for our sisters and brothers when and where we can, as you are doing. As I continue to pray for the people of, and the situation in Syria, I will also pray peace for you, that He go with you and before you, and use you in this hour.

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