The Multiplier Effect

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (2010) reports that Women and girls earning money reinvest an average of 90% of it into their families and communities while men,on average, invest 30-40% of the money they earn.  Every dollar reinvested builds economies, helps additional families and grow communities.  The case for investing in women is strong.

The World Bank has research that  shows if an increased number of women were allowed access to the workforce, household incomes could significantly grow and as a result spending would shift more to food and education and less on alcohol and tobacco. Child survival rates, nutrition, and educational opportunities would improve.

When we invest in girls education, a country’s GDP rises on average 3 percent when ten percent more of its girls attend school.  The UN Food and Agriculture Association reports that if women were given equal access to land and agriculture resources, the amount of hungry people in the world could decrease by 150 million.  One dollar in the hands of a women can have the equal impact of Ten dollars in the hands of a man.

Research shows that when you help a women, she helps others.  The people she helps will in turn, reinvest their money into the community.  You create a ripple that will change communities and that has the power to transform impoverished areas and change the course of people’s lives.  This is the Multiplier Effect.

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  1. […] Generosity isn’t a hundred dollar bill falling without thought out of a millionaire’s pocket. Generosity is any amount being given intentionally to someone in need out of the giver’s own need. We are defined by what we live out. I want to live out sacrificial, generous giving and loving. If I am going to stand up for something, I want to have the actions in my everyday life to say I really believe it. If I am going to give, I don’t want to just charge it to the credit card. That isn’t generous and just creates debt, but I can look at my life and say, “Okay, what can I give up?” Luckily God is patient when I indeed make mistakes, but I can make decisions to change. My families’ commitment to World Vision, Scripture, and the most vulnerable children is to change from “frugal” and “thrifty” to “sacrificial” and “generous.” I expect it to be uncomfortable, but I believe it to be freeing, joyful and full of worship. I’d love some others to join me (hint, hint) in hopes to nudge me along the way. Now that Women of Vision chapters have joined together on projects through World Vision’s Strong Women Strong World initiative, we have the chance to see huge changes in projects because we are multiplying our effect: raising voices and raising funds together. […]

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