Trafficking by the Numbers

A recently published series by MSN Causes highlights multiple aspects of human trafficking.  As a part of this series, human trafficking is laid out by the numbers.  27 million trafficked (estimates range from 20.9 million to 29 million).  An industry worth 32 billion dollars. The five most common ways that people become enslaved.

See how the numbers compare and read the full series here.

66f0a994e3184778a83a6860314d091c (1)January is National Human Trafficking Awareness Month.  Strong Women, Strong World has been using this month to advocate for a slave-free world.  You can do the same by calling your members of Congress and asking them to renew the Trafficking Victims Protection Act

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  1. Christina – Thank you so much for posting this. This gives a great quick picture that is easy to understand. I clicked on the msn causes link and read a story about someone who was almost trafficked before her family and friends stepped it. It was very eye opening. The Chicago Women of Vision is just starting to read Half the Sky right now. I’m learning so much. The sense that I’m getting over and over is that many Americans are focused on trafficking over seas and don’t realize that it’s happening in our own backyard.

    Thanks you again!
    ~ Kim Krueger
    Chicago Women of Vision

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