What Can Love Do?


What can love do?  Does Love Do?  Yes, Love Does.

Last week in Tacoma, WA the first Love Does conference took place.  Hosted by Bob Goff, the theme was that love does stuff.  It is as simple as that- when you love, things happen that can change the world.

Joining Joshua DuBois, President Barack Obama’s former adviser on Faith Partnerships, John Cotton Richmond, human trafficking and civil rights prosecutor for the Department of Justice and author Donald Miller among others was Strong Women, Strong World’s very own Cynthia Breilh.

Cynthia Breilh speaks at the Love Does conference  May 17, 2013

Cynthia Breilh speaks at the Love Does conference
May 17, 2013

Cynthia Brielh shared about the power of women and what they can do to be agents of change.  A common misconception is that in development there are water issues, hunger issues, economic issues and then gender issues.

The truth is that all issues have a gender component and addressing injustices against women and girls can lead to positive transformation in all sectors.

“Sometimes you get passionate, but then you have to live the things you say.” -Cynthia Breilh

What can you do?  First, stop addressing gender issues as women’s issues.  They are human issues that affect all of us.  Second, speak out against injustice, whether it is a fight for federal legislation or correcting someone when they use hurtful or damaging language.  We have the power to start a ripple effect that can cause change around the world.

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