What is in your Netflix Queue?

Do you ever flip through your Netflix queue wondering what to watch?  The next time you just aren’t sure what to choose, check out some of our suggestions below.   Here are our movie suggestions for the weekend-

Half The Sky


Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide

Filmed in 10 countries, this series introduces women who are struggling with some of the most difficult and oppressive circumstances imaginable — including sex slavery and the systematic murder of women — and are bravely fighting to change them.

Learn what Strong Women, Strong World is doing for the justice and protection of the most vulnerable.





A Walk to Beautiful

In Ethiopia, a country with few hospitals and even fewer roads that lead to them, three women are on a journey to rebuild their lives after suffering devastating losses in childbirth. When the women survive but their babies do not, they are summarily shunned by their families. Now, they must make their way to a hospital in Addis Ababa, where they hope to receive treatment for fistula, a condition caused by obstructed labor during childbirth.

Learn more about Strong Women, Strong World’s relationship with the UNFPA Campaign to End Fistula and and our Maternal Health Projects that help give women access to care and to prevent obstetric fistula and other maternal health issues.


China's Lost Girls


National Geographic: China’s Lost Girls

Accompanied by her team from her travel show, “National Geographic’s Ultimate Explorer,” reporter Lisa Ling (“The View”) flies off to China with American parents set to adopt baby girls, the casualties of the country’s long-standing one-child policy. In hewing to this strict rule, families wind up aborting, abandoning or hiding their daughters, many of whom end up in the United States, brought by couples longing for children.

Read about Strong Women, Strong World’s Channels of Hope for Gender program that transforms the perception of gender value and roles within a community.


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