Women are key to the global economy

“Women, on average, earn 75 percent of their male co-workers’ wages, and the difference cannot be explained solely by schooling or experience. In many countries, women have fewer educational and employment opportunities than men, are more often denied credit, and endure social restrictions that limit their chances for advancement. In some developing countries women still cannot vote, own property or venture outside the home without a male family member.”

-The Economist Intelligence Unit

In Egypt, if women’s employment opportunity and rates matched men’s, it is estimated that the economy could grow by 34 percent.  A group out of  United Arab Emirates have created the Third Billion IndexIn a rapidly growing economy, we have seen a billion people from China enter the economy, a billion from India and it is expected that the third billion will be women. What will happen if women are given equal employment opportunities, access to credit, fair wages and right to own land.  Read the possibilities in the Third Billion Index.

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